Seven Stories and Enid Blyton!

I’m very excited about being Seven Stories’ Writer in Residence for the Enid Blyton Collection. I will be working with children and teachers at the primary school in Byker and the lovely staff and volunteers at the archive and visitor centre in the Ouseburn Valley. This is bound to be thirsty work. I wonder if I get a ginger beer allowance?


About Helen Limon

I'm a writer and I also do research on children books - I am particularly interested in how women and girls are portrayed in picture books and I get quite (very) cross about books that only show boys being scientists and engineers, and doctors. When I get cross I tend to write emails to publishers signed Dr Limon. Everyone else calls me Helen.
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2 Responses to Seven Stories and Enid Blyton!

  1. Linda says:

    Dear Helen,

    sorry to bother you! I found your name on the ‘funds given’ spreadsheet on the Arts Council website, and I was hoping I could ask for your advice.

    I am in the process of applying for funding for a literary project, but I am a bit uncertain as to how I should break down the amount in the ‘expenditure’ section of the form… and obviously you did it the right way :).

    Thank you very much,
    Linda Ghio

    • helen limon says:

      I’m so sorry not to have replied to you about this Linda – I imagine the time has now passed when my advice would be of any use! I look at this blog very rarely and will probably shut it down now. If you are still in the middle of an application email me on

      best wishes,

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