The Ring


I will not throw my hat in the ring

I will not throw my head in the ring

Nor my heart

Nor any other part

Of me

I will enter complete

And with care

I will sit quietly for a good while

Some days I may

check the boundary and press the ropes

there is none to fight in the ring.

I will speak gently with myself of unspeakable things and

I will weep.

In time I will walk a path out and leave the ring through a gate that swings out and back in again.


November 2016


About Helen Limon

I'm a writer and I also do research on children books - I am particularly interested in how women and girls are portrayed in picture books and I get quite (very) cross about books that only show boys being scientists and engineers, and doctors. When I get cross I tend to write emails to publishers signed Dr Limon. Everyone else calls me Helen.
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