Mia Madre es un Troll!

The spanish language version of My Mother is a Troll, published by Milrazones, will be out in the Autumn. Ole!Image

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An interesting morning at Seven Stories sorting out OSB material for the Diverse Voices archive. Very sensibly, they turned down the lumps of beeswax and very graciously they only grimaced a little at my terrible handwriting. Thank you Hannah!

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Over the past three days, I have made: basil pesto, onion chutney, and wholegrain mustard. Tomorrow, I will try beeswax and peppermint footcream. When will I start writing, again? When I run out of sterilised jars, hopefully….



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So here’s a question: why is the book about a sad girl in Amsterdam nagging at me so much harder than the Om Shanti, Babe follow up book, Karma Cookies, for which the Arts Council have given me a generous award? Am I just looking for an excuse to go back to the best-ever-library, or is it just time for me to write a sadder book? Sorry, that was two questions….

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This is Amsterdam’s Central Public Library. Not just this chair, obviously. There are lots of other chairs, lots and lots of books, and an amazing cafe on the top floor. It is possibly the best place I have ever been. It is certainly the best library ever (and that includes New York. I wonder if they’d notice if I just moved in….

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The cover

So pleased with this beautiful cover. Thank you lovely designers at Frances Lincoln!

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Next week I am taking part in the Kidz Lit Quiz at Gosforth Central Middle School. While I am certain it will be a brilliant day, I am pretty sure the writers’ team is going to get utterly creamed. I have one week to start revising…

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